We offer a range of services, including:

UCAS and Personal Statement support
Support and advice for your first degree, wherever and whenever you have chosen to apply. You'll be given help with your UCAS form, and advice and guidance on the completion of the perfect personal statement.

Masters Applications, Funding and Research Proposals
Support for post-graduate Masters applicants, aiding you with all aspects of application, including your funding and research proposals.

PhD Funding Applications and Proposal writing assistance.
Assistance in the writing of your PhD proposal, and in enhancing your funding application.

Expert advice on application to Business or Medical schools.
Oxbridge CVs can guarantee you bespoke assistance from a graduate within your specific field. They'll help you hone your CV and guide you through every stage of the application process.

Law School Application service.
Our Law school application service can promise you the assistance of a highly-experienced Oxbridge lawyer, who can help you secure your LPC, GDL, LNAT, pupillage or Training Contract.

We can also give extensive assistance for vocational degrees and training applications. Our large body of staff means that we can find the perfect assistant to help you secure the training you desire.

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