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Ideal covering letters – quick tips

Write a perfect covering letter How should you prepare the ideal covering letter? Here are some quick tips:- Perfect cover letter – Length Many job applicants make the mistake of rambling on for two pages or more. Your covering letter must be one page only, and preferably only three paragraphs long. You may protest that you have so much to [...]


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Welcome to Oxbridge CVs Blog

This blog sets out to help you with all the CV advice and the best covering letter help you could wish for. Wherever you stand in your career, Oxbridge CVs can help you. At Oxbridge CVs, we prepare CVs and covering letters for recent graduates, people looking for career progression, and job seekers at professional or executive level. This blog reflects our experience.

Applying for a new job can be a solitary experience – particularly if your job applications haven’t been too successful so far. If your job search isn’t going well, you may feel embarrassed about asking friends or family for help.

Your CV and covering letter are your primary tools when searching for a new job. Without a persuasive and positive CV and covering letter you will never get offered a job interview, let alone a job. These are changing times, of course, and the internet has introduced new ways of searching and applying for jobs. In the Oxbridge CVs blog we look at how to prepare these different forms of job application material and how to use job search sites without jeopardizing your online safety.

Elsewhere on the Oxbridge CVs site you can find cv examples and sample covering letters that should help you see these tips in action. Oxbridge CVs can also help you prepare a dynamic LinkedIn profile and we’ll be covering LinkedIn tips in the blog too.

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