Oxbridge CVs is part of The Oxbridge Research Group (TORG)™ we are always looking for first-class minds to join us. As we expand we need more new writers and researchers across all subject areas.

TORG has three basic divisions: Oxbridge Academia™, Oxbridge Law™ and Oxbridge Career Consultants™, each of which are umbrellas for several Oxbridge brand services. When you become a member of TORG, you will automatically begin to receive emails, on a daily basis, giving you details of new available briefs.

Additionally, if you study or have studied law, then you will also be eligible to work for some or all of our Oxbridge Law services. If you have studied for an MBA or worked as an investment banker, then you may also be eligible to work for our Oxbridge Career Consultants services.


The principal advantage of working for The Oxbridge Research Group is financial. Many of our briefs command fees of hundreds or even thousands of pounds, often for no more than one or two days of work. A few large pieces and one's student loan debt looks much smaller! Whilst such pieces are not likely to be available to you every day, our standard writer rates will still earn you much more than any other job that you are likely to have at university or immediately after it.


The second great advantage of joining The Oxbridge Research Group is that for most types of work you can work whenever, wherever and upon whatever work you like. You can work from Antarctica or Tahiti, from university or home, and all months of the year. You only need access to good sources for research, and the internet for communication with us.


You have no obligation whatsoever to accept briefs, and may work as seldom or as often as you like. You could undertake twenty assignments a month or none - the choice is entirely yours! As such, you may adjust the number of briefs you undertake according to your academic commitments. You may work only in the vacations if you wish.


Having such a broad spectrum of services, and sub-services, The Oxbridge Research Group offers a great deal of variation and choice, from writing a personal statement to editing an auto-biography! This means that you can undertake work according to how much spare time you have; you could bid for a short brief that could take you less than an hour to complete or a project that could take several days or even weeks. You may work upon whichever subjects you feel qualified to.

Please click below to visit the TORG website, for more information on writing for us.